Pitster Pro Double X 200 – Impressive Power

Posted Feb 04, 2014

The new Double X 200 mini is not only the coolest new mini side by side on the market, it expels some serious power!

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New Double X is coming soon…..

Posted Oct 03, 2013

Pitster Pro Canada will soon be releasing details on the 2014 Double X- a completely revamped model that will feature slightly more power, a new look and amazing quality!


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Start them off with the Pitster Pro Balance Bike

Posted Sep 18, 2013

New for 2014

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Pitster Pro in Malaysia

Posted Sep 12, 2013

Pitster Pro Canada welcomes Pitster Pro Malaysia to the Global Pitster Pro Family!

Photo courtesy of Pitster Pro Malaysia

Photo courtesy of Pitster Pro Malaysia

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X2 made a good impression!

Posted Jan 17, 2013

I rode the x2bike all summer. I’m 235 pounds, six foot 2 and I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face. I convinced my other buddies to buy them too. I couldn’t believe the places that bike would go. I’ve worked for a major brand competitor for seven years that had the smaller 50cc bikes – and they didn’t hold a candle to this puppy. I will be buying a new one come spring and already lined up a buyer for this bike when I am ready. What you get for $2000 is incredible, and it was nice to see it delivered it all set up and ready to ride.


Red Deer Powersports

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XTR 200X Supermoto in Campbell River BC

Posted Jun 19, 2012

Check out the 200X Supermoto on Youtube-:

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XTR 200X Supermoto at Sea Level

Posted Jun 05, 2012

Here is Jim on his Pitster Pro XTR200X Supermoto, on Vancouver Island!

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Steve races his FXR 125

Posted May 29, 2012

Steve says: “Holy smokes my pitster is fast!” Racing in Ontario Canada in the MMRS, Steve has a few sponsors now like Leatt and PowerMadd and races his FXR 125 Mini Race ATV. He is currently in second place for points going into round Five of the Provincial series. He just got another FXR 125 for a back up, they both run great and he hopes to keep the second place at the end of the series! He came fourth May 20, and was just behind a kid on a Cobra ECX with an 85cc motor in it. Go Steve!


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Fun Near Athabasca, Pitster Pros Go Off-Road

Posted May 24, 2012

Jim and Claude took their bikes out for some fun on the trails (or lack of) near Athabasca, Alberta on May long weekend.

This Pitster Pro has been around awhile! The blue 125X (2006!) has an L shaped swing arm, a 125cc GPX engine,  front  14 tooth and rear 39 tooth sprockets.
While fun on the track, this bike has decided to head offroad.

This X4R is fitted with the 2011 155 High Output engine. It came with CNC front/rear tires, inverted forks and a 1/4 turn throttle.

Fun on the trails!

Pitster Pro gets dirty:

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Check Out this Double X in San Diego!

Posted May 24, 2012

Hey guys,
I am the one with the video of  the Double X  at Glamis
I am running 22” paddles, soft top, 15 x 36 gears, upgraded Battery,  5 point harness, And soon to be the 179cc big bore kit w/pipe and  intake mods


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